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一張沙發, 紀錄了一段成長經歷

客人6年前生孩子的時候, 丈夫送她一張名貴真皮梳化。以後的日子, 她每天都坐在梳化 上餵哺小孩。 孩子日漸長大, 梳化顏色卻日漸褪落。 因為梳化陪著她兒子成長, 對她有特殊意義, 由於她將會回到英國, 與丈夫團聚, 故她打算把它帶回英國, 讓它繼續見證兒子的成長。

a sofa reprenents a life lasting jounrey

when the cuStomer first had their kid ,the husband brought a luxurious real leather sofa for her.and in the following days she sit on it daily to feed the BABY,when the kid turns older the leather sofa got rusty and the colour wears off .because the leather sofa was there since he was born, it acompany his growth. It has a a special meaning to her.soon afterf she has to return to united kindogom and meet her husband so she planned to bring the leather sofa to uk and let his son have it .

我們使用了天然皮革的上色的技術, 將梳化回復原來天然的漂亮, 客人非常滿意, 可以參與這樣有意義的工作, 我們也很感恩。

we have used the natural colouring leather method to turn the sofa into its orginal colour .The customers are very satisified and with this valuable and meanigfuljob, we feel blessed.

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